Eva Friesen
President & CEO, MBA, ICD.D

Tracy Maracle
Vice-President, Governance and Human Resources

Tim Fox
Vice-President, Indigenous Relations & Equity Strategy

Allison Schulz
Vice-President, Capacity Building

Céline Baril
Office Manager

Janet Hails
Project Administrator

Irina Kovetsky
Administrative Coordinator

Katie MacDonald
Cultural & Community Engagement Coordinator

Donor Relations

Janeen Webb
Co-Vice President, Donor Engagement

Riz Nathoo
Co-Vice President, Donor Engagement

Grace Chiu
Gifts & Estates Associate

Kellie Cornforth
Awards Program Coordinator

Serin Dakes
Donor Grants Administrator

Tina Overwater
Donor Stewardship Advisor

Marie Stevens
Director, Donor Stewardship

Alison Strother
Donor Relations Advisor

Kathy Westhaver
Donor Grants Coordinator

Jessica Zutz
Director, Awards Program


Jason Bates
Vice-President, Grants & Community Initiatives

Djaka Blais-Amare
Director, Grants and Racial Equity Strategy

Julie Black
Citizen Engagement Associate

Matthew Blough
Grants Impact Associate

Bessie Dudu
Grants Associate

Amelia Oakley
Grants Administrator

Brigitte von Rothemburg
Grants & Volunteer Program Associate

Ingrid Wasylyshen
Grants Associate


Taylor Barrie
(on maternity leave)
Vice-President, Communications

Janice Francey
Communications Associate

Linda Ford
Events & Partnerships Specialist

Emily Nachtigall
Digital Communications Strategist

Darbie Ouimet
Communications Associate


Craig March
Vice-President, Finance

Laurie Munro
Director, IT/IS

Melissa Donegan
Database Administrator

Renee Fan

Ramandeep Kaur
(one year term)
Financial Coordinator

Tamara Loria
(on maternity leave)
Insights Officer

Ireti Olatuja
Financial Coordinator

Rosemarie Quinit
(on maternity leave)
Financial Coordinator


Dan Langlois
Vice-President, Chief Investment Officer

Lauren Frosst
Director, Investments

Sara Gaca
Investment Analyst

Alex Laidlaw
Impact Investment Associate

Jessica Mitchell
Investment Administrator

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